Melchior & Balthazar, a family story lived with passion and enthusiasm. 

It all began in 2012. Simon and Damien, two brothers, set off to spend several months exploring Morocco. There, they discovered the craftsmen and women who worked the fruit of the argan tree and the renowned argan oil. They visited several women’s cooperatives and brought samples back to France where they began testing their new found treasures on friends and family. Treasures indeed, a product that is totally natural with pleasant yet sensual perfumes but also one that also offers unquestionable benefits. 

A brand is born, Melchior & Balthazar, inspired by a quest for exception and a passion for excellence. 

As the Three Wise Men of modern times, they continue to journey through the world of organic and natural cosmetics, adding just the right amount of science and a rich touch of glamour.

Each territory hides its own treasure for us to discover and Melchior & Balthazar have embraced the mission of sharing them with you. Their aim is to offer sublime beauty without ever deviating from their self-imposed rules of 100% natural, vegan and organic.




Our skin is our most amazing organ, its good health and its beauty bears witness to our well-being. The skin is the only organ that we constantly expose to external stresses such as pollution and the sun’s radiation. It reflects the damage linked to oxidative stress caused by an unhealthy or unbalanced lifestyle, or simply the everyday stress of our everyday lives.

These factors damage the epidermis and accelerate the appearance of visible signs of aging. Our cosmetic products are designed to limit the action of these elements and preserve your health capital.


- To discover and use exceptional raw materials and active agents that come from authentic journeys.

- To create cosmetics with a formulation that is 100% natural, efficient and healthy.

- To always design products that combine aesthetic and sensorial pleasure.

- To develop innovative and exclusive research that will provide long-term benefits, not simply offer masking or filling agents..

« The very best active agents from the plant kingdom for your skin” » 

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